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Entrepreneurship in a Glob … entrepreneurship in global contents Feasibility study

Assignment Brief As a team you will brainstorm a start-up idea and agree it with your seminar tutor – The start-up cannot be a franchise – The product cannot be an existing brand – The start-up can be based anywhere in the world, provided you possess an existing network and speak the language to be able to run a primary research. If in doubt, please make it a UK-based start-up (e.g. you can base it in London, Middlesex Street, if it makes it easier for you). You will learn to use the 5-parts adapted Mullins model, together with Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, to analyse the feasibility of your business idea. Although you are to work as part of a team, you will submit individual courseworks. The team works as a brainstorming unit that complements and supports each team members individual effort. You will share the data you collect together, debate ideas within the team, choose different data-gathering avenues but the interpretation of the gathered data is yours and yours only. You can choose to run extra research and gather extra data on top of what the team already collected. Assignment – Feasibility Study – You are to submit a written individual feasibility study of your chosen start-up, covering the 5-parts of the adapted Mullins model (please refer to the Rubric) – The feasibility study’s 2000 word-count includes Highlights but excludes Table of Contents, Bibliography and Appendix – You will submit your feasibility study via the Moodle Feasibility Study submission link. Your feasibility study accounts for 80% of the total module mark.