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Read the E-Waste case that can be found in the fourth chapter of the textbook. Using ethical theories and principles learned in this course, especially stewardship and virtue ethics, analyze the moral worth of the decisions made. Also discuss the various options open, and choose the one you think would have been the best. Justify the choice you make using resources from this course. You are encouraged to submit your own threads to this discussion as well as respond to threads left by other students.• Your initial post is due before the end of the day three days before the discussion ends.• You will be graded on the quality and completeness of your informed contributions to the discussion.• Substantial and constructive comments on the work of others may earn you extra credit.• Not posting, or posting single words, or meaningless statements like “Cool!,” “I Disagree,” or “LOL,” will receive no academic credit.• Grades may be lowered for posts that include inappropriate, intentionally offensive, angry, or destructive comments.After completing this module, students will be able to:• Explain in discussion some basic elements of stewardship and virtue ethics• Accurately define stewardship, in your own words, on the discussion boardFollowing links can be helpful: