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Does Strategic Human Resource Management matter for SMEs? A review of the role of strategic HRM in SMEs in the UK

If every dissertation collects evidence of some sort, then it goes without saying that such evidence needs to be analysed appropriately and presented effectively. Some thought needs to be given about the nature of the techniques used to analyse the ‘evidence’ or ‘data’. The text by Finn et al (2000) outlines a number of analytical techniques which are particularly relevant. However, remember that your analysis has a purpose – to answer the questions outlined in the literature review.You have to sift and sort through the material and use it to develop an effective analysis.Where possible you need to relate your findings to the work of others. Does the research reinforce the work of others, does it challenge the ‘received’ view or does it suggest that our understanding needs refinement or amendment?So the analysis is more than a presentation of ‘information’, it is also a discussion in the light of what I have summarised earlier.This is a Theory or literature based:This involves comparing, evaluating and reflecting on alternative theories drawn from the literature relating to a particular topic area. In addition to constructing logical theoretical arguments, You will be expected to discuss the practical implications of the findings.These are the Learning Objectives that a dissertation needs to tackle:LO1 Articulate, in writing, an ability to organise and present material on a chosen topic, and justify the chosen approach to the topicLO2 Demonstrate, within the context of the written dissertation, the ability to evaluate, critically, primary and secondary materialsLO3 Deploy skills of observation and analysis, and reflect on the usefulness and appropriateness of those skillsLO4 Demonstrate, by means of the finished written work, a comprehensive understanding of research methodologies and research methodsLO5 Covey, in writing, capability as a reflective, original and critical thinker who can master a topic and present it cogentlyIn short: