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Distributive Bargaining Exercise

The Terry & Josephine at Navigational Systems exercise is your chance to practice Distributive Bargaining in class. I have divided the class into two groups: One group will take Terrys role, and the other group will take Josephines role. Please find below the players of each respective group. You are kindly requested to study and understand well the information contained in the documents attached hereto before the exercise date, so you can use the information to best improve your position during negotiation. The purpose of this exercise is to practice your skills and knowledge of leading a Distributive, Win-Lose, Bargaining situation. As such, each party will have to apply all strategies and tactics of Distributive Bargaining to win the negotiation. On the exercise day, one student will be randomly chosen from each group, and parties will be asked to negotiate along a minimum of 10 minutes, applying strategies and tactics learnt in class about Distributive Bargaining.

Assessment will be based on (1) Opening approach, (2) Logic and rigor of arguments, (3) Application of key negotiation methods & tactics, (4) Role-playing skills of tone, verbal communication and body language, and (5) Final offer approaches, closing tactics and agreement terms. This exercise has no written part.