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Dissecting Switching Protocols in Wireshark and Firewalls

1) Dissecting Switching Protocols in Wireshark A tool that acts as a packet sniffer and protocol analyzer. If you havent done so already, download and install Wireshark. Open the switches.pcap file in Wireshark. Compare and contrast the SWITCH, ARP, and VLAN protocols. What does ARP primarily do on the network? How is this related to switches? What are some of the VLAN IDs you find in these packets? Examine the STP traffic. What are some of the priorities of some of the root bridges? What packet number did you find that information in? How do you think parsing through capture files will help you better understand switching protocols and networking? 2) Firewalls As a network administrator, you will be expected to have knowledge of the different types of firewalls and how to configure them. There are many firewall vendors and appliances, including popular choices such as Palo Alto, pfSense, Sophos, Juniper, Checkpoint, Fortinet, SonicWall, Barracuda, and WatchGuard. For this discussion, research the features and costs of two or more firewalls. Select one that you would recommend for your company. Describe your rationale.