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“Discuss what you have learnt about effective leadership from keeping a reflective diary. Draw on specific areas of discussion from the module and your experiences of organisational life which have been captured in your learning diary.”

A very important coursework piece for the final year which is detrimental not to fail. It was requested to carry the diary through the module to capture the experiences and information from the module, I’m adding 9 study units from which every single one should have a brief diary regarding what’s been learned through the session (PLEASE SEE THE FORMAT OF THE DIARY ADDED). As per request, the diaries will have to be included in the appendix for every session to support the piece. PLEASE READ FAQS AS THERE IS A LOT OF HELP REGARDING THE FORMAT AND NECESSARY INFORMATION. It’s absolutely crucial to read through all the lecture materials to be able to write the diaries and the coursework itself (I’M ADDING THE LECTURES). I’m paying extra for the diaries to be completed. Please let me know if any questions.