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Discuss thematic analysis as a qualitative analysis method.

Students will conduct a thematic analysis of qualitative data collected from student peers or friends. Two interviews, one with each of 2 different people using one of the interview guides below, will provide the data for analysis. A 4-page paper as detailed below will describe thematic analysis, results, and interpretation.Papers should be typed, 12-point font, double-spaced and a maximum of 4 pages long. Be sure to use course terminology and cite your sources (title page and references are not included in the page count). Use headers, and APA formatting. Be sure to proofread and spell-check.Written paper to include the following:•Introduction: provide a brief background/rationale/significance of this mini-qualitative study. Since the approach and method have been provided for you (brief, semi-structured one on one interviews) you will reiterate this in your background section.•Discuss thematic analysis as a qualitative analysis method. Include references to articles and readings that will guide your analysis.• Process for coding (semantic/latent) — describe this process in detail.• Results: What you found• Discussion: How you make sense of your results• Conclusion: Implications for social work research & practice, reflections on anti-oppressive research• Appendix: Include notes or transcripts from interviews