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Discuss the teaching of special education with disabilities students.

Topic: Note: This Discussion Board Forum only requires a thread and has a 400-word count. This is different than the previous Discussion Board forum. Reflect on this course as a whole and discuss: What you learned by completing the DUP assignments. What did you learn that will benefit you in your current or future practice in special education? What changes, if any, in your current or future practice will occur as a result of completing this course? Some additional possible topics to discuss. How you prepared for assignments Things you wish you would have known when you began the class Things you wish you could change if you were doing it again Resources that were and possibly still are essential to you How you managed the work load and/or assignments during the week/course Encouraging words and/or verses for students Things you did that were essential to your success in the course Suggestions of materials that could have helped you What were your thoughts / suggestions on the IEP assignment.