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Discuss on whether or not Dissociative Identity Disorder exists as a true disorder.

Purpose The goal of this assignment is for you to learn more about Dissociative Identity Disorder. This assignment targets the following course objectives: Explain the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of psychological disorders Engage in critical and integrative thinking about psychological phenomena Develop an understanding of and empathy for the life experiences of individuals with mental illness Task A major controversy in the field exists surrounding whether or not Dissociative Identity Disorder truly exists as a disorder or whether it is created in therapy. Read the following three articles focusing on the case of Sybil and consider the points raised. First Wikipedia entry on Shirley Mason (Sybils real name) Second Article about a book called Sybil Exposed third Article about a book called Sybil In Her Own Words Write a paper discussing your opinion on whether or not Dissociative Identity Disorder exists as a true disorder. In your paper you should address two main topics: First you should consider the assessment or creation of alternate personalities. How would you determine if someone truly had different personalities? How would a therapist implant alternate personalities in a clients mind? Second you should discuss what the purpose might be of having alternate personalities. What purpose would it serve someone to claim that he or she has Dissociative Identity Disorder? What purpose would there be for a therapist to encourage a client to express alternate personalities? Audience Imagine that you are writing an opinion piece that will be published in a newspaper. Explain to the general public your perspective on Dissociative Identity Disorder. Format Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, with 12 point font and 1 margins. It should be approximately 2-3 pages long. Because you are being asked to share your opinions and reflections, you can write your paper in a less formal style and make I statements (i.e. I believe that ).