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Discuss on the impact of Strategy on Org. Performance.

Research topic: –

One of these subject as I still need to get confirmation from our doctor:

1- The impact of Strategy on Org. Performance (however I might ask you to uses my company’s strategy who I work with as an example and I prefer this)
2- The impact of Technology on Org. Economic and Sustainability (subject may be revised)

Requirement: –

1-Research proposal
2-Research itself from A-Z
–this should include building the Survey questioner and analyzing using one of the analysis tools like SSPS)
–Progress should be send to me every two weeks as doctors need to check our progress and review the work then I will resale the payment (100$ )every time I received the progress from your side
3-Research presentation at least 20 slid (summarize the important point on the research to help me to present it)
4-No plagiarism please as I will fail the course
5-Course material- am not sure if they will provide us with the Course material

Please check all documents attached with this request