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Discuss on the impact of immigration to Canada.

a) Choose a research topic and then NARROW down your research topic by formulating a more specific research question.

Note- you need to formulate a WHY question that will allow you to move from description of the issue (how many young people are obese in Canada) to an analysis of why this is the case (how can this pattern be explained?).

b) Define the social problem and explain why your particular topic is an issue that impacts people in Canadian society.

You must also tell me whether or not most people in Canadian society consider your topic to be a social problem (or an issue) that impacts people in a negative way and WHY that might be the case.

c) What classical or contemporary sociological theorists will you use to explain your issue?

d) How will you begin to explain this social issue from a social structural perspective??
NOTE- In order to achieve full marks for your proposal, you must anticipate how you will begin to explain this issue from a social structural point of view by employing your sociological imagination