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Discuss how to create an effective business presence on the Web.

LO 3: Discuss how to create an effective business presence on the Web.


According to Chrysalis Communication (2015), an online presence is essential. The only way to gain new customers in an online business is an effective online presence. Even ground based businesses need an online presence because it is expected. An online presence lures customers to you. It brings attention to the products or services offered. Social media is a must for todays businesses. It lends the customer to experience a more personal interaction. Simple but effective, social media also helps the company market its brand.

Please read the following articles. Once you have read the articles, please complete the assignment below:

How to Create an Effective Online Presence (Links to an external site.) Ways to Improve Your

Online Presence (Links to an external site.)

How to Create a Big Online Presence for Your Small Business (Links to an external site.)

6 Ways How To Improve Your Online Presence


In business, presence is the most effective sales tool. Review (Links to an external site.)How can this business optimize its online business presence? What benefits and difficulties can a business expect to encounter with an online presence ? What suggestions do you have for King Chef Diner in terms of usability content?

What You Will Turn In:

A written IWG formatted paper of at least 750 words with at least three references and citations.

Assignment Expectations

Answer the questions using paragraph form
Combined, answers should be at least 750 words
Use a combination of your own ideas and content from the text keeping in mind the 80/20 rule
IWG format
At least least three references and citations