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Discuss a business you would open if you had the choice

Each of you discussed a business you would open if given the opportunity. For the class project you will go into detail about that business or a business of your choice. Imagine that I gave each of you a budget of $50,000. I need you to explain how you would spend this money to start your own business. I want a record of how much of the $50,000 you spent, saved, etc. You have to do research to find out how much these things cost to run your business.

How many employees do you have?

How much are you going to pay them? etc.

I want to know where your business is located and why you chose that location? How much is your rent? Do you have rent? Advertising costs, etc. If it’s an internet based business, you still have costs involved. Research and let me know how much? etc.

Why you chose this business?

Why you think this business will be successful, etc.

You must discuss in your paper a topic from at least 4 chapters from 1-11.

You must explain which type of ownership your business will be: Sole proprietorship, Limited partnership, etc. and why?

I want you to think about every detail needed to run a successful business. Graphs and pictures are encouraged and will not count toward your 4 page minimum. Some of you will submit more than 4 pages but it should be a 4 page minimum not including pictures, graphs and title/reference pages.

You must include a cover page and reference page that follows APA requirements.

The cover and reference pages will also not be counted toward your 4 page minimum.

This paper will only be read by me, so do not be afraid that someone will take your idea. I should be able to feel your passion in these papers. This is your business idea so make it your own.

The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking and to do the research on how to start a small business of your choice. This project will be a minimum of 5 pages double-spaced, Times New Roman with every little detail about your business included in your paper. You all have $50,000 to start your business.