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Differential treatment in Culturally Diverse

The goal of this exercise is to have you take specific topic related to Management Function and learn more of what we know about this topic through targeted library research

this assignment is to choose a specific topic option for the research.
Differential treatment in Culturally Diverse

Your first assignment for this exercise is to find three (3) articles from research journals that have extended your knowledge of your topic area. These articles should have been published during the last 5 years, should be directly relevant to the topic area. Feel free to use Internet search engines to help find these articles. However, the articles themselves should be from academic journals. Please see me if you have any questions about the suitability of articles you find

For each article , write a double-spaced discussion of the article that includes (1) a brief summary of what was concluded in the article, and(2) a discussion of the relevance of this article for your topic area that includes consideration of how our knowledge is extended by the research under consideration.

The deliverable for this project is:

A cover page that includes your name and discussion section and the topic area you are considering for the research
Photocopies of three articles you have selected
A 1-2 page discussion of each article as discussed above