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Did the creator (i.e. author) of the narrative have an intent other than to entertain?

All aspects of language and culture are influenced and guided by persuasion; persuasion is a inherit function of all human communication and that is what we have been addressing this term. To further explore the concepts of this class, for this final essay you will need to choose your favorite narrative whether it is a film, poem, television series, song, novel, short story, or play or any form that tells a story. You then write your final essay about that narrative and describe what persuasive messages and techniques the author(s) is trying to send to the intended audience. Areas to explore in your essay are how the writer(s)/author(s) use words, images, dialogue, non-verbal messages, costumes, light, sound, etc. and other areas you notice to influence and persuade the audience. In other words, how does persuasion work in the narrative you selected? How has the narrative you selected persuaded others to believe in its message? How has it influenced you and why? What your essay should try to achieve is answering how persuasion functions in the narrative you have selected and how it is used to influence the audience and most importantly, how it has influenced you.

You might also consider the concept we discussed in class the medium is the message in your essay, for example, some stories did not do as well in the written medium but once turned into the film medium the story became very influential in culture such as The Wizard of Oz or Star Wars to name two of many; how did the form of the narrative (the medium) influence persuasion in story? In other words, why were people more convinced of one medium over the another and why is this significant?

You will be required to use 2 academic sources in this essay to a support your point of view. Guidelines of the essay are at the bottom of this page.

The first step in this final assignment is to choose a narrative:

Short story
TV Show

Recalling the functions of persuasion and rhetoric we discussed this semester, discuss how persuasion functions in the narrative you have chosen to discuss. Here are some questions you may want to consider in your written analysis:

Did the creator (i.e. author) of the narrative have an intent other than to entertain?
Did the choice of narrative type (i.e. a poem vs. a movie) play a role in the function of rhetoric/persuasiveness in the narrative?
Is the narrative used to bring together individuals separated from one another by alienation and competition ?
Is there extensive use of symbolism in the narrative you have selected and if so, give some specific examples and how they work?
Is there form (i.e. syllogistic, qualitative, conventional) in the narrative?
How did the situation play a role in the persuasiveness of the narrative?
What role does language play in the rhetoric/persuasion of the narrative?
Is the creators (i.e. authors) voice evident in the narrative?
What role do images have in the persuasive rhetoric of the narrative you selected?
What is the moral of the story and was author persuasion effecting in delivering that message? How can this be shown?

Note that these questions are not necessarily meant to be answered in your essay and they are only suggestions and meant to make you think on the topic and subject you have selected your writing should be in essay format and not question/answer style.

Please be sure to draw on direct examples from the narrative in support of your points.

Format Guidelines:

Your essay should be typed in 12-point font and double spaced.

In this assignment, you will write a 1, 2 or 3-page paper with a cover page and proper reference page. The reference page does not count as one the 1, 2 or 3 pages. You will need to use at least 2 academic resources with direct quotes from those sources in the text of the essay and with a proper reference page for the sources you used. If you need assistance on how to properly create a reference page and incorporate sources into your essay, please refer to the Purdue Owl link which is an excellent source: