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Development of Chassis and Steering System for a Narrow Track Rapid Response Vehicle under Traffic Congestion Conditions.

Attached file: Chapter 4 is a conceptual design to develop chassis and steering system of narrow track rapid response vehicle under traffic congestion condition.***Writer’s file: Writer need to go through the chapter 4 file and understand whats in it completely and then writer need to develop the final design for chassis and steering by following any of those mentioned methods from the file which is chapter 4.***Spec’s for developing design: width is 1.5 m and seating capacity of 2. And the rest specs are in excel sheet which is named as finalised vehicle specs. Design developed by the writer should be almost similar to specs in the excel sheet.***Devloping design: Writer should be well aware of catia or solid works to develop design for my model. Using any of those software design should be developed.***After developing design: I want a seperate paragraph justifying why we followed certain design procedure.***Analysis of design: Writer can use Ansys or FEM to analyse the design.***Seperate file from writer for steps followed to develop the design using any of those softwares. Same with analysing thing. Seperate file for analysis.