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Describe two (2) counseling interventions that you would implement in a trauma-sensitive school.

Describe two (2) counseling interventions that you would implement in a trauma-sensitive school.
Grading criteria:
Includes a rationale of the efficacy and appropriateness of the interventions
Includes a detailed description of how those interventions should be implemented
Includes an explanation about how those interventions contribute to a trauma-sensitive school environment

Formatting– of
Levels Achievement:
Novice 0.625 (2.50%) points
-Significant APA style format issues.
Competent 1.25 (5.00%) points
-Some APA style format issues.
Proficient 2.5 (10.00%) points
-Paper adheres to APA style format.
Levels of Achievement:
Novice 0.625 (2.50%) points
-Topics throughout the paper are scattered and do not progress in a logical manner.
Competent 1.25 (5.00%) points
-Organization of the discussion throughout the paper is inconsistent and disorganized.
Proficient 2.5 (10.00%) points
-Paper is coherent and well organized. The discussion flows in a logical manner.
Levels of Achievement:
Novice 1.25 (5.00%) points
-Significant grammatical issues that hinder the flow for the reader.
Competent 2.5 (10.00%) points
-Some grammatical issues, such as word choice and conventions.
Proficient 5 (20.00%) points
-Paper has no (or minor) grammatical issues.
Levels of Achievement:
Novice 3.75 (15.00%) points
-Paper misses some of the requirements of the prompt and seems to suggest that there was limited thought about the topic.
Competent 7.5 (30.00%) points
-All requirements of the prompt are addressed but there are missed opportunities for elaboration.
Proficient 15 (60.00%) points
-The paper fully addresses the requirements of the prompt and reveals the author’s attention to detail and all factors pertinent to the topic.

Papers must be at least 5 pages long (which does not include the references page), double spaced in size 12 font, one-inch borders. You must include at least 10 empirical peer-reviewed sources.
All papers must be in APA format and include a title page, an abstract in the beginning and in a separate page document.
You must utilize proper intext citations when referencing to the empirical articles you have obtained, otherwise, it is plagiarism.