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Depression, World War II and Beyond

Part 1: The Great Depression did not have its origins in the United States, even though its effects were deeply felt here. Write a detailed essay of at least 3 pages detailing the major causes of the Depression. How did President Hoover and the Republicans respond to the crisis? How did Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal change the course of American History? Be sure to discuss the specific solutions put forth by FDR, including the AAA, NIRA, CWA, CCC,WPA, FERA.

Part 2: America reacted to World War II in a similar manner it did to World War I- neutrality. How was the US manipulated from this position toward participation in the war? What events lead up to the war in Europe and why were we dragged into it? Also evaluate the decision of Harry Truman to drop the atomic bomb. Write at least 2-3 pages describing this part of the question.