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Dental education in practice

The task The teaching portfolio is a structured written submission which consists of a reflective commentary of with an appendix of 10 to 15 exemplars of your developing practice. The structure should follow four points: 2. A structured reflective commentary of 2500 words (in three areas, options outlined below) You are asked to illustrate best practice in at least three areas (as relevant to your practice) 1. Course or session design 2. Teaching methods 3. Supporting learning (includes supervision, mentoring, pastoral care and specific learner support strategies) 4. Assessment / Appraisal /Evaluation. You should also include evidence of completing all three teaching observations with this final submission, together with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 exemplars of your developing practice. Observation reports do not count automatically as exemplars, but you may extract a brief segment as ONE exemplar to rationalise discussion within your reflective commentary. The commentary should be preceded by a short factual summary of your teaching experience.