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Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of key positive psychology and coaching concepts.

Positive Psychology Coaching
a) Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of key positive psychology and coaching concepts c) Use appropriate research and literature to critically evaluate positive psychology interventions and applied strategies in sport, exercise and health settings Title: Research Proposal You are expected to write a research proposal that demonstrates a detailed and critical understanding of key positive psychology and coaching concepts. The research question must be located at the interface of contemporary positive psychology and sport coaching knowledge and be based in one of the following topic areas: 1. Assets & strengths-based coaching 2. Autonomy supportive coaching 3. Positive parenting practices 4. Building positive coach-athlete relationships in youth sport Setting the scene: In the context of positive youth development (PYD; Fraser-Thomas, Cote, and Deakin, 2005), the role of sport coaches in creating sport environments/experiences, that are more enabling of more positive outcomes (e.g. enhanced wellbeing, character development, positive relationships, etc.) and inclusive of the five ‘C’s of positive development (competence, confidence, character, connections, and compassion/caring; Lerner et al., 2000), is becoming increasingly important to realising the broader development goals of modern society. Structure/layout: o Title page (not included in word count): o Table of contents (not included in word count) o Feedback actions (not included in word count) o Proposal content (see below) Content sections: o Research title/question: include an appropriate title/question o Literature review: include an initial review of key literature that draws upon appropriate research/literature into key positive psychology, PYD, sport coaching concepts, and relevant theoretical mechanisms (e.g., self-determination; Deci & Ryan, 1985; 3+1Cs; Jowett & Ntoumanis, 2004), to create a clear rationale for the research question/title o Problem statement and research objectives: clearly state the problem statement and specific research objectives or hypotheses o Methodology: with reference to supporting peer-reviewed literature, explain the guiding research methodology (i.e. guiding theoretical framework and/or research process to be employed) o Data collection and analysis: with reference to supporting peer-reviewed research, clearly explain how research data and/or findings will be collected and analysed (ensure that you maintain consistency with your guiding research methodology) o Ethical issues/considerations: critically consider any potential ethical issues arising Appendix o Please include any supporting materials (e.g. theoretical models and/or frameworks) referred to within your proposal and/or relevant resources and materials needed to complete the research project (e.g. questionnaires), in the appendix section. Suggested Initial Readings o Brady, A. & Grenville-Cleave, B.G. (2018) Positive Psychology in Sport and Physical Activity: An Introduction. London: Routledge o Potrac, P., Gilbert, W. & Denison, J. (2012) Routledge Handbook of Sport Coaching. London: Routledge o Jones, I. (2014) (3rd ed.). Research Methods for Sports Studies. London: Routledge.