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Demonstrate an understanding and application of the developmental stage.

Developmental Stage : Birth to 4 months
This paper will demonstrate an understanding and application of the developmental stage. The student will write a typed, double spaced, 12 point font four (4) page paper that highlights the major points of the developmental stages assigned and will include the different areas of development (physical, social, emotional, and cognitive) for those stages. Incorporate any experiences from observations or teaching you have done with children from the particular stages assigned to each student. This paper will be submitted to the drop box by its due date. The stages are 1) birth to four months, 2) four to eight months, 3) eight to twelve months, 4) twelve to eighteen months, 5) eighteen to twenty four months, 6) twenty four to thirty months, 7) and thirty to thirty-six months. Three (3) reference sources are required. Wikipedia does not count as a resource. You can use your textbook as one of your resources. References must be cited in APA style.


1) Proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling (2.5 pts)

2) Clear, well-organized, and easy-to-follow discussion and application of the stages (15 pts)

3) References are as required and are properly cited in APA format (2.5 pts)