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Define the general concepts of the worldview.

(1)Define the general concepts of the worldview. (2) Describe what makes a worldview distintively Christian(3) Evaluate the impact of person]s worldview on his/her approach to ethics and ethical decision making.This is the Textbooks to uses.(1) A Theology of Leadership-THE DOCTRINE OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE BY; JOHN M. FRAME CHS.. 1-2) (2) BEYOND BUMPER STICKER ETHICS-AN Introduction to theories of right and wrong,By; STEVE WILKENS chs. 1-6. (3) CHOOSE THE GOOD-Christian Ethics in a Complex world. By; DENNIS P. HOLLINGER, CH.3(4) ETHICS FOR CHRISTIAN MINISTRY-Moral Formation for 21st Century Leaders. By; JOE E. TRULL AND R. ROBERT CREECH. CH. 1.