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Culminating Experience Paper for Students in Masters of Education (M. Ed.)

What does a teacher need to consider when developing, implementing, and analyzing a curriculum unit?

In answering this question, use area(s) of emphasis concentration in your Masters program of studies as the specific subject area(s) for your curriculum unit and analysis. You may prepare one unit and analysis that integrates all your areas of emphasis concentration or develop units and analyses for each emphasis area. Be certain to:

briefly describe the unit. (For the paper, a unit is defined as a minimum total of five hours of instructional time spread over a period of 5 or more days.)
analyze the unit. The analysis is the most important part of the paper. As you write your analysis, please remember that it is a synthesis of the important knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for a teacher to develop and implement such a unit.
include research that supports your analysis by including at least 15 references to educational literature using correct American Psychological Association (APA) style for referencing. Of these references, at least 7 should be chosen from the reference list attached.

Content for the paper:
Students will write the paper according to the schedule set up by the department in each semester. The paper should answer the take-home question that draws on the following course work in their program as well as on their own learning and teaching practice: