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Cryotherapy Chambers Vs Cold Water Immersion to Aid Exercise Recovery.

Your poster should provide a critical review of your chosen topic, for example the use of cryotherapy for performance and recovery, and critically evaluating the current literature and provide any general recommendations.

You MUST produce this poster using PowerPoint.
You MUST include references at the end.
The poster should be oriented in Landscape mode.
Therefore, you must ensure all elements of the poster are clear and fit the screen when projected.


Information presented is focused and directly linked to the title.Demonstrate use of current/contemporary research. Poster should avoid wandering off topic

Key concepts area covered
Key concepts are explained clearly

Poster should critically evaluate the topic, rather than be descriptive.
Key concepts should be challenged rather than taken on face value.
Conclusions should be concise but informative

Poster should not relay on overuse of quotations.
Evidence of further research other than the data provide in class.
References should adhere to the Harvard referencing system.