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Critical Thinking Paper -Social welfare

Social Welfare Critical Thinking Position Paper

This assignment is designed to use empirical evidence to understand a unique aspect of a population of interest. Many populations that utilize social welfare agencies or social workers have myths or stereotype regarding that population. This assignment requires the ability to succinctly communicate, to articulate thoughts and ideas, as well as integrate knowledge from multiple sources, which is critical in any social science discipline. Students will develop a research question related to a specific population and then identify two qualified sources of knowledge/literature to inform two contrasting responses to the question. Examples include:
Rates of homelessness among veterans or families (e.g., people who are homeless are more likely to have an addiction or mental illness vs. people who are homeless cannot find affordable housing)
People are poor because they dont work (e.g., people who work full time on minimum wage are still poor vs. people who dont work dont want to work)
Why is obesity a concern for those in poverty (e.g. nutritious food is unaffordable on SNAP benefits vs. poor food choices that are more gratifying and/or filling)
Et Cetera, lots of choices.

All papers should contain the following:
A very brief but encompassing history of the issue, in 100 words or less.
Specific research question related to that population; what is the student seeking to answer?
Briefly, how does this question contribute to the aspects of difference/social justice/injustice that affect this population?

Each position should not be more than a total of 150 words and must have one citation per view presented. This is not an opinion paper but a briefing on two contrasting positions regarding the same topic. Papers should be no more than one page in length plus the references that are used. NO quotes are to be used, students should summarize a position in their own words then use an in-text citation to provide the source for the information. Students should submit papers free of grammatical and spelling errors, and use citations when appropriate. Writing should have clarity of ideas and assertions should be supported with sound, informed reasoning. The ability to explain your ideas is absolutely essential for any social science discipline as well as sound social work practice.