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Critical Analysis of a Work of Art

Pick a piece of art from one of the two websites: 1) 2) You will need to include an image of your chosen artwork with your paper and cite the source of your image. 12 ft size with 1 inch margins. Make sure to include the following in your essay: Identification: Include the title, date, artist, medium, and dimensions of the work. -Description: Answers the question, “What do you see?” Carefully observe and describe the form, medium, size/scale, composition. Identify elements and/or objects within composition and contextual information (original location and date). -Analysis: Answers the question, “How did the artist do it?” Determine what the included features suggest and why the artist used these features to convey their ideas. What is the subject matter? Are there iconographic elements that refer to historical events, mythology, allegory, etc.? What is the artist’s style? Discuss and analyze the use of the elements and principals of design. How are line, shape, color, and space used, for example? How are balance, contrast, and/or scale used? -Interpretation: Answers the question, “Why did the artist make it and what does it mean?” Express what you think the artwork is about. What is your best guess about what the work means, based on evidence within the work and context. What is the main idea or overall meaning of the work? Determine the ideas, moods, feelings communicated by the work. Was the work made for a particular purpose (are there social or political implications)? Or, was it created purely for personal expression? -Evaluation/Judgement: Answers the question, “How good is it, and why?” Make you own conclusions about the artistic merit of the work and the experience of encountering it. What criteria do you think are most appropriate for judging the work? What evidence inside or outside the artwork relates to each criterion? Based on your criteria and evidence, what is your judgement about the quality of the work? You can use multiple approaches in judging the work, including form/style/genre, content, subject matter, composition, expression, technique, creativity and/or how well the artists ideas were communicated, etc. Thank you so much!!!