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Crime, Violence, and Schools


reflect critical thinking.
be in APA format.
include a separate cover page (that is, it is not included in the minimum page requirement).
include the title of assignment, your name, the course, the name of the college, and the date.
include a separate references page for sources used (that is, it is not included in the minimum page requirement).
be typed.
be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, black.
be double-spaced.
be standard English, spelling and grammar.
be thorough, yet concise.
be in essay format.
be written in paragraph format, with complete sentences, and be grammatically correct.
contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
Hint: The introduction states your thesis or the purpose of the paper. Organize your body paragraphs to include a main idea, which is then developed or illustrated by support evidence. The conclusion is a restatement of your thesis.
be properly cited sources using in-text citations and a reference list (APA format).
For example, your textbook:
“Behavior modification appears to be quite effective, especially when it is used to target at-risk individuals…” (Worrall, 2015, p. 348). Worrall (2015) suggests various other methods need to be explored.
In-Text Citation: (Worrall, 2015).
Your textbook should be referenced as follows:

Worrall, J. L. (2015). Crime control in America. What works? (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

be written in your own words.
be submitted via SafeAssign plagiarism checker (automatic).
Do not copy and paste from the Internet. Plagiarizing will result in a zero (0).
Assignments with more than 25% similarity will not be accepted. (Excluding reference list and direct quotes [cited].) (Students are allowed to submit their paper up to 2 times.)
be prepared as a Microsoft Word document (.doc), but saved as a PDF file (only).
Use the following naming convention when saving your assignment:
Save as: CCJ4660_YourLastName.Firstname_EssayName
Submit digital copy (PDF file) via Blackboard Learn.
Content Requirements:

Write a 4-5 page (only) essay in which you answer the following: (Points will be deducted for not meeting [four full pages] or exceeding the page limit.)

1. Analyze a mass murder incident that occurred at a school.

2. Include the following items regarding the individual(s) you choose:

a. Individual’s (s’) name

b. Personal and criminal background (family, school, work, social)

c. Personal characteristics/ psychological history

– Was he/she socially withdrawn?

– Did he/she have abnormal relationships with family members?

– Did he/she display attention-seeking behaviors?

– Did he/she have a history of mental illness?)

d. What was the perpetrator’s(s’) modus operandi?

e. What was the perpetrator’s(s’) choice of weapon? (Why?)

f. Where did the crime(s) take place?

g. What was the result of the attack?

h. Did the perpetrator try to insinuate him/herself into the investigation by contacting the police/media/social media?

i. Victims and victim demographics (Victim precipitation?)

j. Target(s) (Why?)

k. How did the police capture him/her?

l. Interesting facts

m. Motivation (What motives may have compelled this individual(s) to commit the crimes.)

n. What resulted from this attack? (Changes in law, awareness, public sympathy for offender(s), etc.)

You must use your textbook and at least three (3) other scholarly articles to support your position/findings