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Create a Toulmin model for a factual claim.

Toulmin Model Assignment
For this assignment, you will create a Toulmin model for a factual claim. After you’ve read the directions, reply to this post and enter your responses.The Toulmin ModelClaim- an assertionSupport- data that is used as evidence, reasons for, or grounds for the claimWarrant- the assumption shared by speaker and audience (links the claim to the support)Backing- additional data used to support the warrantQualifier- restricts the claim and limits its range, sets boundaries for the strength of the warrant (usually, probably, in most cases, most likely, frequently, under these circumstances, etc.)Reservation- explains the terms and conditions set forth by the qualifierRebuttal- voices objections that could refute/rebut the claimExamples in brief:Lack of student dress codes in most (qualifier) schools has lead to an increase in teenage pregnancy (claim). Teenage pregnancy rates are rising (support), and children should not be having children (warrant) because they are unable to care for their youngsters (backing) unless they, themselves, come from wealthy families (reservation). While some consider dress codes a hindrance to individualism, lowering the teen pregnancy rate is a higher priority (rebuttal).Animal abuse threatens to make humans uncivilized and violent toward people (claim). Due to a documented lack of empathy for other living creatures over the last 50 years (support), animal abusers frequently (qualifier) escalate their levels of violence until humans become their prey (warrant) on account of their predisposition for violence (backing) unless their violent tendencies are harshly punished (reservation).Because American standardized test scores have universally declined (support), the traditional system of education needs to be drastically reconfigured (claim) since the future of our country depends on the wisdom of our children (warrant) and their desire to maintain a consistent level of excellence (backing) unless we want our future to seem as dismal as our current situation (reservation). While some would argue that reconfiguring our educational system would be too time consuming (rebuttal), most experts agree that immediate steps must be taken to ensure that America does not fall behind its global partners in the area of education.Create a Toulmin Model that bases a claim of fact on one of these factual hypothesis questions:Are humans too dependent on their computers?Is the death penalty effective and justifiable?Is standardized testing a fair measure of public school efficiency?Are athletes and actors paid too much?Are current immigration laws effective?First, go online and find an example of support for your claim.Next, list the following Toulmin criteria for your claim:Claim (based on one of the questions above)SupportWarrantBackingQualifierReservationRebuttal