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Create a chart to match these names, events and programming languages.

Using the internet, create a chart to match these names, events and programming languages. Also provide the date for each. Names Bjarne Stroustrup Charles Babbage Konrad Zuse Dennis Ritchie Eckert, Mauchly & von Neuman Grace Hopper James Gosling John Backus John Kemeney & Thomas Kurtz Niklaus Wirth Language (or Technological Advance) Basic C C++ Cobol Fortran Java Pascal Plankalkul Punched card programs Stored program concept Events A programming language used by the first programmable binary computer (the Z3). Programs and data for the Analytical Engine were input by holes punched on pasteboard cards. Introduction of a non-science based programming language Popular, incremental version of C combining object-oriented capability with traditional C programming syntax. A programming language developed in the 1950’s for mathematicians, scientists and engineers. The first compiler in the early 1950s led to development of Cobol (Common Business Oriented Language) – a language specifically made for designing business applications. A high-level, academic programming language developed in the late 1960s. After completing the ENIAC, the designers knew the next computer had to store the programs internally, rather than inputting instructions one at a time. A high-level language created at Bell Labs to develop UNIX to its fullest form A high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems to take advantage of the growing World Wide Web. Use a chart like the sample chart to display the results of your internet search matching process. Ensure that the events are chronologically ordered in the chart ending with the most recent. Year Language or Advance Event Name