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Create a Blockbuster Narrative Script for a new Netflix movie or series, with the goal to integrate Vampires into the pitch.

Objective: Since the dawn of zombies, vampires have lost their bite in contemporary culture. In an attempt to resurrect the obsession with vampires, you are tasked with writing a blockbuster pitch to Netflix for a new movie (or series) to bring the blood back to the genre. Whether you choose to write a direct narrative or a script, the goal is to integrate vampires in your pitch. The vampire could be any aspect or context of the story – protagonist, antagonist, setting, supporting character, etc. You must establish your vampire universe within the narrative. This means you must at least address the rules of your vampire world – for example, in Interview with the Vampire, vampires die by sunlight; in Twilight, vampires sparkle in the sunlight.

Remember to indicate what KIND of pitch this is. Is it for a movie? A series? Are you pitching the whole series, one episode, one season? Be CLEAR in your initial directives – this part does NOT count towards your total word count.

The pitch should be around 500-750 words. (This is not a precise requirement, but to give you a general idea.)
Story must be submitted in TWO places. AND Drive Folder.
One narrative PER PERSON.
Paper must be peer-reviewed (via Turnitin) AND you must peer review anothers work.
Adherence to all due dates is imperative.

Source of inspiration: I always loved history. If possible, please try to include historical aspects of vampires. Like, the protagonist is from Germany/Eastern Europe and from a historical line of elite vampires, etc. If you can maybe tie in aspects/events from World War 2 and the Cold War to coincide with major vampire events as the backstory.

Starting Details.
Pitch for a whole tv series.

Time period: 1980-1991
Place: East Germany
There is a strong vampire network in Germany and Eastern Europe (old roots/ legends, their presence was evidenet in world war 2)

Other than that, I don’t know where else to start. I will leave the rest up to your creativity/ inspiration. And feel free to tweak any of these aspects to make it fit your idea. Thanks and best of luck.