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Often when one discusses mental health, the focus is usually on the negative aspects, struggles, and mental illness.

In light of the current situation facing us with COVID-19/coronavirus, I would like to discuss self-care, coping and resiliency. Resilience refers to how well we can cope and “bounce back” from adversity or difficulties. Coping is how we respond to things in our life. We can have positive coping skills (talking about our emotions, taking a walk) or negative coping skills (yelling, ignoring the situation)

For this discussion,

Visit (Links to an external site.) related to Self-Care. There are four categories: (1) Meditate, (2) Get Moving, (3)Connect, and (4) Indulge.
There are several things you can do in each category.
Pick two (2) things to do and report back on your thoughts regarding your current feelings and how self-care can help you with your feelings.
Remember you do not have to share things that are deeply personal or you would like to keep private.