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continuation for the stories “The Necklace” “the yellow wallpaper”and “Story of an hour”

Each of these paragraphs must be at least 1/2 page single spaced with at least 12 sentences each.
a) write a continuation of the story “The Necklace” showing an interaction between Mme. Loisel and either her husband or Mme. Forestier 5 years after the story ends. It must be written in the third person just like the story is. Do not TELL us what happens. SHOW us through dialogue between the characters like in the story.

b) write another continuation of “The Yellow Wallpaper” showing how the narrator is living 5 years after the story ends. This must be written in the first person, her speaking, just as in the story. Let her describe her feelings, thoughts and actions in her present state of mind. Let her describe the setting in which she is now living.

c) write another continuation of “Story of an Hour.” Write it in third person assuming Mr. Mallard did not die. Describe interactions between Mrs. Mallard and her husband 5 years after the end of the story as if she were alive.