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Construct a working outline for a literary critique based on a short story “Haircut” by: Lardner, Ring.

Construct a working outline for a literary critique based on a short story “Haircut” by: Lardner, Ring
Author Information:Setting:What is the setting of this story?Approximately when did it take place?Has the author made the setting an important element in this story?Note any particularly good descriptions of the setting that you may want to use in your critique:Characters:What is the name of the protagonist in your story?What are the outstanding physical characteristics of this person?What are his/her outstanding personality traits?Is there an antagonist? If so, who is it?What are his/her undesirable personal qualities?What good or redeeming qualities does this person have, if any?List and briefly identify any minor characters you want to include in your critique.Plot: Write a one- or two-sentence summary of the plot of your story.Theme: Write in one sentence the theme or purpose of your story as you understand it.Point of View: From what point of view is this story told?Literary devices: Note outstanding literary devices in the story you chose. They should be items you will want to include in your review.Opinion: List the main strengths and weaknesses of the story as you see it. These strengths and weaknesses will be points you expect to include in your review and as a basis for your recommendation. You should have at least five items.Strengths and/or weaknesses of setting:Strengths and/or weaknesses of characters:Strengths and/or weaknesses of plot:Strengths and/or weaknesses of theme or purpose:Strengths and/or weaknesses of point of view:Strengths and/or weaknesses of literary style:Strengths and/or weaknesses of other elements:Recommendation: Tell whether or not you recommend the story and to whom.