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Conflict Resolution Behavioral Observation Journal

Create a conflict resolution journal that has at least 6 behavioral observation entries. Two observations must take place in an infant/ toddler setting, 2 observations in a 3-5 setting, and 2 in a K-3 setting. At least one of the children you observe must be a child with special needs or ELL.


1. Each written behavioral observation entry will include:

Describe the behavior of the child you are observing. Do not provide your opinion of the childs behavior. All observations do not have to be of the same child.
What strategies or skills did the teacher use?
What specific supports for ELL or children with special needs did the teacher utilize?
What were the outcome using these strategies for the child/ren and adults?
2. Prepare an analysis for each observation that answers the following:

What thoughts or questions come to mind as you think about this observation and outcomes?
Describe how you would have handled the situation.
Explain how a challenging situation can be used to promote cooperation, critical thinking, and problem solving.
Describe the strategies you would use to support ELL or children with special needs.
How can you share these strategies with colleagues and/or families?