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Conduct a market research of the advertising analysis, perform a SWOT analysis and determine the target audience for the campaign.

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Shadow is a Spanish brand dedicated to the manufacture of guitars, basses and musical accessories.

They have physical stores in the main cities of Spain and a new online sales platform with which they hope to reach much more public. Currently, they want to carry out an advertising campaign to boost the sales of their flagship product: the electric guitar.

Shadow always uses good qualities in its products and sells at a very competitive price, but has not yet achieved the necessary recognition and hopes that this campaign will help it to consolidate and position itself properly among its public.


1. Conduct a market research of the situation, perform a SWOT analysis and determine the target audience for the campaign.

2. Detail the team of workers that you would need/want to have at your charge: figures, personal traits, working groups …

3. Detail the steps you would follow, making a timing for each stage/action.

4. Describe the motivations of the target audience and the message you want to convey. Create a slogan for the brand.

5. Define the media strategy that you consider appropriate and the advertising formats you would use.

6. Find a case of an advertising campaign that you find interesting due to its innovation and good results for the brand. Explain the case by delving into the brand and the product. What would you highlight? What strategies and techniques did they use to achieve success? How do they differ from their competition?