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Concept and nature of financial accounting

Small Business
This project research may include these study fields;
Concept and nature of financial accounting
Limitation of Financial Accounting
Role of financial accounting in economic development
Ethical and Unethical behavior of financial accounting
Financial accounting tools
Financial accounting and modern technology Accounting information system
Accounting Auditing
Error and its effected of financial accounting
Professional and certified accountants
How Financial accounting is transforming
Financial ability of small business and giant business
Current accounting standards and ideal standard
Regulation in financial reporting
Financial performance of particular company
Current issue of the accounting and financial in world’s economy

Utilize many resources

Company reports
Business review articles
1. Harvard Business Review
2. Sloan Management School
3. Other case studies
News stories
Internet home pages
Industry analyses

Always cite sources. Use a full bibliography at the end, with indicators as to where quotations, numbers and facts come from.

NOTE Plagiarism is a serious offence and wil|l be treated as such.

Your paper should be around 10-15 pages, double spaces and 12 points

The research report should contain

-Cover page
-Substance or contents