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Computer System Research and Selection Presentation

The purpose of this assignment is to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to justify selection of a computer system based upon the specified cost base and system requirements and capabilities. Management has approved the purchase of new computers for your department. Your business requires software that will allow you to manage information related to customer’s sales and interactions and to track new customers leads. You have been tasked with researching various computer systems, making a selection, and communicating the information to the management team using a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes and justifies the selected computer system. The following hardware and software parameters were specified for the new computers. 1. Select a business-grade mini-PC from a known manufacturer of business computers. 2. The mini-PC should offer high performance while remaining within the $500-$600 price range. 3. The system should have software for office productivity and to track customer interactions, sales, and new leads. Create a 4-6 slide PowerPoint presentation that you can use to summarize and justify the mini-PCs you have selected. Management has asked that you address the following in the presentation, including justification for why your selection meets business needs. The presentation should utilize pictures, animations, transitions, and effects as appropriate for a business presentation. Speaker notes should be included for each slide. Include a reference slide at the end of the presentation to document research sources. 1. Computer brand and model 2. Price 3. CPU: type, clock speed, number of cores 4. RAM: amount and type 5. Motherboard: number of expansion slots 6. Primary disk: capacity, hard-drive of SSD 7. Optical disc drive 8. Software, including Microsoft Office Suite and software specific to your career field of study that will be used for productivity, data management, unique needs of the field, increasing market share, and increasing competitive advantage. In addition to content, presentations will be assessed based on the following criteria. 1. Slide structure includes correct use of bullet points and the 6×6 rule. 2. Slide appearance includes a consistent theme, text alignment, readable font, clear photos, and wise use of transitions/effects. 3. Slide content is accurate, concise, and focused on a single topic. 4. Visual aids enhance the presentation and pertain to slide content. 5. Slide spelling, grammar, and formatting are error-free. 6. Speaker notes are appropriate for explaining slide content and add details not presented on the slide. Refer to the resources, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations”. NOTE: My field of study is Applied Management, there was no assigned word count, I need this to be an A paper because the paper last week I paid $67 for was a C+ paper.