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Computer network information security

Computer network information security
The following is my outline for this paper.
This paper is roughly divided into three parts.
The first part is the research of information security architecture. First, an overview of information security, the definition of information security and description of the structural characteristics of the information security system. And introduce the common problems of information security.
The second part is the main threats and security precautions faced by information security. It mainly describes the importance of information security, the main threats faced by computer network information security and the prevention and management of hidden security risks.
The third part uses user identity authentication technology and data encryption technology to protect information security.

To ensure zero plagiarism, a clear paper format is required. There is no specific paper format requirement, but make sure to choose a paper format. Many of my papers come from the Internet, so they need to be corrected. And pay attention to grammatical errors.
And provided the textbook of this course. Reference.