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Compose a word short response that describes your social media policy ethics.

Creating Your Own Social Media Policy Ethics are an important aspect of any social media campaign. Since you are in the process of creating your own campaign, you must understand the ethics and etiquette behind the community you are about to join. After reviewing the presentation and supporting materials, you will complete the assignment below. Compose a 700-800 word short response that describes your social media policy. Your social media policy should address the following aspects: The purpose for social media in the business. Provide evidence of responsibility with sharing through adherence to accessibility and content regulations. Provide some business information for credibility and authenticity perhaps by seeking verification on social media platforms. Understand the audience with whom you are communicating (ie. target market). Provide credit to the right people or businesses in regards to the use of content. Protect confidentiality of the business. Adhere to appropriate data protection laws. Provide value for the consumers and the business. Finding a balance between social media and other work through the use of timelines and implementation of scheduling software (Hootsuite, TweetDeck, etc). Your strategy should also make mention of: How will your campaign handle criticisms and conflict? More specifically, w hat ethical theory/theories will your campaign implement when making decisions about how to handle conflict with the audience (ie. refunds for unsatisfied customers, public apologies, etc). Note: this is a good opportunity to implement an external source. What protections/policies does your organization need to have in place to protect from compromising accounts and hence their brand? Guidelines Length: Minimum 700 words / maximum 800 words not including your reference page. View the rubric to understand the penalty for being over/under. Format: Must be written in paragraph format. Font is to be 12 point, Times New Roman for ease of reading. All text must be double spaced. Paragraphs must be indented. Errors in format will be deducted at a rate of 1 mark per error. Be sure to also use headings to help better organize your work. Sources and Citations: You must have at least 1 external source of your own choosing to help support your policy. This can be from any reputable source and should be used when you are mentioning topics that are not entirely of your own creation (ie. ethical theories or practices). In-text citations and reference list must be provided in APA format. Improperly formatted citations will have a 1 mark per error penalty applied. Missing in-text citations or failing to include a reference list will result in a mark of zero on this assignment as this would constitute a violation of the academic integrity standards. (See below for additional information) Errors in spelling and grammar will be deducted at a rate of .5 marks per error (this includes improper capitalization of proper nouns – such as company names – be sure to use legal names – not simply refer to how their stylized word mark might appear. For example “Twitter” is correct… “twitter” is incorrect and would result in a .5 deduction from your final score.)