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Compensation and Employee Benefits

Planning is successful when it is strategic and focused on the unique needs of an organization and includes Human Resources Business Partners (HRBP). The HRBPs role is vital, from the early stages, of the development of the strategic plan as a collaborator who will steer part of the new direction of the organization (supporting other key internal stakeholders). HRBPs would be responsible to understand the strategic plan and make recommendations for the allocation of resources, strategy formulation and implementation, and the effective management of people and policies to ensure the success of a chosen strategy within an organization. This exercise will focus on how the value, mission and vison statements play a vital role in these processes. Task 1: The goal of this activity is for you to develop a list of personal vision, mission, and value statements. It is usually not as easy to do as most would think. Remember, these are not business statements but personal statements. A) Write them from the perspective of where you are in life right now. Develop three of each personal value statements – I believe personal mission statements – My purpose is to personal vision statements – big idea. Promoting a shift to the future.. B) Include an appropriate graphic/picture, for at least one of the above, that would be its electronic visual cue (for example an electronic icon) and explain why you chose it. Imagine you were going to share with the class, the connection between the statement and the visual you have chosen. Remember to be clear and concise. C) Think about what you wrote for your personal value, mission, and vision statements and identify what behaviours you would exhibit that would also be suitable for a professional workplace setting. Pick two behaviours for each. Then answer the following question: 1. Which of these three (values, mission, vision) was the easiest to articulate? Why? 2. Identify two ways in which your personal experience influenced one of the responses in task 1 A. Be sure to identify and explain how the perception of others influenced your thought process as you were considering that statement and supporting picture. Task 2: The goal of this activity is for you to do an assessment of the value, mission and vision statements of local businesses/organizations. I would suggest you review five to eight organizations within various sectors: Non-profit, public, private. Windsor/Essex county has plenty. You do not need to provide me a list of all the organizations you research. A) You are to choose one non-profit and one medium, private, sector organizations value, mission and vision statements. B) Identify why you chose each one and include how they align with a concept/theory from course material covered thus far. C) Identify two behaviours that one would expect to be exhibited, by staff, based on the statements of the organizations you provided in section A. D) Would you want to work in either of the two organizations in section A based on the information you gathered? Provide a brief explanation as to why or why not. Be sure to include how your own perceptions influenced your decision. This assignment allows you to compare theoretical concepts, from course material, to the practical application in a work environment. It should also challenge you to consider how your personal values compare against theories as well as the professional work environment. Your responses should be clear and concise. They should also be supported with clear examples that support practical application of the concepts. Your assignment should be no more than 3 to 5 pages: – Complete in WORD – Use 1.5 spacing – Use proper sentences and grammar – Provide an analytical response – NO cover page is required however ensure you have your full name, course code and assignment name at the top of the paper. Include the date on the left side of the footer and the page number on the right.