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Comparison of the Customer Service of two firms

Project Focus: Comparison of the Customer Service of two firms (e.g., Vs or Target Vs Walmart). Visit the website of the two retailers and observe their logistics customer service activities/practices including service speed or cycle time, fill-rate or inventory availability, and customer responsiveness. You will examine these comparisons against the survey data you will collect in Qualtrics

Organization: The project should comprise the following four parts:
(a) Introduction and research objective,
(b) literature review,
(c) research methodology, analysis and findings based on secondary data and survey data.
(d) Managerial Implications.

Group Term Project: Managing Customer Service Expectations of Online Shoppers
For the term project this semester we will investigate online shoppers customer service decisions
on major websites including Walmart and Target. The assignment provides an
excellent opportunity to apply course concepts for analysis and description of how an
organizations customer service can be improved to gain competitive advantage in the online
supply chain.
Student TEAMs will be expected to conduct both secondary research (internet sources) and
primary research (survey online shoppers) and to prepare a report of their analysis, findings and
managerial implications for supply chain managers at Amazon, Walmart and Target in particular
The written report (not more than 25 pages excluding appendices) will be due on the last day of
Customer service project must be organized as follows.
1. Introduction (including the main problem or research questions/goals: 10%),
2. Literature Review: 20%),
3. Sample size /number of respondents interviewed 40 %),
4. Data analysis and Findings (15%)
5. Managerial Implications (15%)