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compare and contrast islam to christianity

Your final paper is a 6-8 page (1500-2000 word) comparative paper. You are tasked with comparing and contrasting two different religions discussed in this course and covered in your textbook. You are expected to use the tools that have been provided for you in this course as well as some independent research. Each paper should apply the tools, theories, themes, and examples provided for you in readings and discussed throughout the course. You are being tasked with applying the materials, concepts, and arguments from the course to this paper. Pay attention to important social and historical contexts. Papers need to be supported with appropriate evidence. For this assignment you will need to consult readings covered in the class as well as outside source materials (this can include books, articles, etc.). Please see me if you have any questions concerning appropriate resources. Final papers are due via Canvas as a Word document as well as paper hard copy, by the beginning of class. When considering which religions to write on, and while you are writing the paper, please reflect on the following questions: What makes these religions distinct or different from each other? What makes them similar? In addition to the questions above, please compare and contrast how the religions you chose answer the three Seeking Answers questions found at the end of each chapter: What is ultimate reality? How should we live in this world? What is our ultimate purpose? Be sure to include the following: An introduction. Broadly introduce the two religions. Be sure to include a clear, concise, and argumentative thesis statement. Content. Tell the reader about the religions you are studying. Describe their essential features. What are the relevant historical, cultural, or social contexts the reader should know about? What are some basic facts or main aspects about these religions that we should know? Why are these religions worth examining? A conclusion. Restate your thesis, summarize your main points, and offer any broader implications or final insights concerning this project. A bibliography. Your paper must include a full bibliography. This is a list of the primary, secondary, in-class, and outside resources you consulted for your paper. You should aim for 5 10 sources for this paper. Make sure you are properly using Chicago or MLA citation style. See for more information on proper citation styles. Things to consider: Focus. You do not have the space to provide a comprehensive or exhaustive comparison of your two religions. For that reason, I highly recommend focusing onapproximately 3 points of comparison. Organization. Is material presented logically and clearly? Is it easy for the viewer to connect ideas? Does the information flow in a logical pattern or is the presentation of the material random? You may want to consider adopting the textbooks modular chapter structure to organize your paper because it is consistent, systematic, and allows for comparison. Those sections are: oTeachings oHistory oWay of Life Sources. This is your evidence. Citations should be consistent and in a proper citation style. Do you have enough resources? Are you using appropriate sources for the project? I recommend visiting the writing center for this paper: final paper should be polished and complete. It should meet the required word count, be double spaced, be in a 12-point font, and be edited to remove errors.