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Classical Mechanics

Students in groups of 2 will be required to write a course-based problem and post a draft on Blackboard. Both problem-writers must submit the same final version of the written problem and solution to Turnitin on Blackboard by 1pm on Thursday for grading.
Problems will be graded on correctness, appropriateness of difficulty level and clarity of written presentation. Reviews must be constructive, must be to-the point and must identify strengths and weaknesses, and will be graded accordingly.
Each student will have to write 1 problem with a classmate and review 1 problem individually.

Textbook: Classical Mechanics, 3rd Edition by Goldstein, Poole and Falko
2 main parts: Lagrangian and Hamiltionian mechanics; Rigid body dynamics
Write your own problem and provide solution from any chapters 1 to 5 and 8.