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Civil Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Elder Abuse, and Tort Reform

How are the standards of care developed for a health services organization?

Healthcare policies and laws at the national level mandate how health services should be administered or delivered, however, each health services organization is subject to state, local, and corporate interests or needs that inform how health services are delivered for their patient population. As a current or future healthcare administration leader, your understanding of standards will drive many decisions and impact the strategic direction of your organization.

For this Assignment, research the standard of care that is determined for your state or country. Reflect on how this determination is made and consider whether setting the standard care in this method improves health outcomes for health services organizations. Think about how the development of a standard of care might contribute to the development of protocols, clinical practice guidelines, or policies and procedures in health services organizations.

The Assignment: (23 pages)

Analyze and describe how the standard of care is determined in your state or country.
Explain how these standards contribute to efforts aimed at improving health outcomes in your organization through the development of protocols, clinical practice guidelines, policies and procedures.
Be sure to include support from the literature.