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Choose Your Own Topic

Choose Your Own Topic

The assignments in this class build upon each other to help you develop a thoughtful, original, college-level research paper. Determine a topic you would like to research in depth throughout the course of the semester. Be sure to choose a topic that is of specific interest to you — original topics are highly recommended over common, overly-researched topics. Many students have success choosing a topic that deals with a problem or issue that has affected them personally, or a topic that is related to a hobby, interest, or passion.

To complete this assignment, write a topic proposal that includes the following parts:

1.Your proposed topic. This part should be one well-developed paragraph introducing the topic and providing an overview and/or background information on the subject.

2.A brief explanation of the topic that addresses a.) what you find interesting about the topic, and b.) why the topic is important. This part of the proposal should be 1-2 well-developed paragraphs long.