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Choose the works of 2 writers ( Mary Wollstonecraft and Charlotte Smith ) and discuss the ways in which the status of women is addressed in their work. Give specific examples (you don’t have to quote lines, but be able to summarize the examples

Your answer should be your own, your own understanding of the work that we have read and discussed so far.As with any good essay, yours should have an introduction that ends with a clear thesis which clearly and specifically states the main points of your essay, paragraphs that develop and elaborate on these main points, and a conclusion. Your sentences and ideas should be clearly and fluidly connected using logical transition words/phrases. Be sure to proofread and edit your essay carefully for grammar and spelling before submitting it.Your essay should be written in your own words. Any work that is plagiarized—whether it is a little or a lot—will automatically receive a grade of 0 which is non-negotiable, and the work cannot be made up. You may quotefrom the original readings in your textbook as long as you cite them in parentheses in your essay in correct MLAformat.