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Child Care in the work place

(My topic has to be on ( Child Care in the work place). This week we will be exploring research in technical communication. During the past three weeks we have laid the foundation for effective technical writing and learned about the specific language and communication in our career field. This week we want to look at how professionals in our field create content, substance, and credibility in their documents via research. In your academic career you have already begun to learn how to research. You know that you need to find sources that are credible which means they are Current: Strive for no older than 10 years, but if possible, stay within the past five years.Written by an expert: Check the credentials of the author.Published by a reputable source: Look for journals and databases in the library, sources that have editors/gatekeepers, or websites that are well-respected. (Never use Wikipedia.)Contains solid research: Take a look at the sources used by your source.You will be using research to help you create a feasibility report, also known as an analytical report. The purpose of this report is to check how reasonable your idea is and then arm you to move forward into a proposal. Be very careful because a feasibility report is very different from a proposal, but you may have a temptation to combine them. The feasibility report is about honestly assessing whether an idea will work while a proposal is arguing for the idea’s acceptance. Do not confuse the two. You may come up with an idea and while checking the feasibility realize the idea is not possible. You can still write up your report stating that your original idea was not feasible, but it has led you to a new idea that is.Upon successful completion of this week’s lesson, you should be prepared to:Articulate the purpose of a document using appropriate vocabulary Create reader-friendly documents with appropriate design elements for a specific context.Apply elements of formal writing.Construct a variety of technical writing documents.Evaluate personal writing practices