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Child Care and Public Policy.

ECS4020/3050 Child Care and Public Policy
Policy Analysis Assignment
Value: 30% of final grade
Due: See Course Outline
Students will gain in-depth understanding of a policy issue affecting children and/or
families in their field placement.
Learning Objectives
1.Students will develop skills in analytic thinking as they examine information from
various sources to gain in-depth understanding of policy and how it impacts Service provision and various stakeholders.
Students will develop critical thinking skills in the process of examining a policy issue,identifying impacts on the program and stakeholders and discussing alternative approaches to the policy.
3.Students will develop written communication skills as they summarize relevant information
and ideas in a concise manner. Components
Students will choose an existing policy/program that is related to children and/or families within the context of their field placement and prepare a plan for policy change towards improvement. The plan is a summary of key points for consideration and must be prepared using APA format. (approximately 1- 1 pages EACH):
Part 1: Description of policy/program (5 marks)
Name of policy/program. Why does it exist? What is its purpose? Who provides the
funds? How are the funds currently administered? How is it implemented and by
Part 2: The Context (5 marks)
Description of the field placement site: Who does it serve? What activities take place
Part 3: The Issue (5 marks)
Clearly state the reasons why a decision or direction is needed: What is the problem?
Whats currently not working? Who are the stakeholders? How are they affected?
What is the history of this issue? Were there past attempts for improvement?
Part 4: The Influences (5 marks)
Summary of what influences this issue: e.g. demographics, economics, social variables
that impact this issue. What makes this case unique and how does it compare to others
like it?
Part 5: Recommendation( 5 marks)
Clearly describe the recommended action: i.e. the solution, who can help and how?
Clearly state the rationale: how would the recommended change make thing sbetter?
Clearly state the considerations: possible risks, impacts, stakeholder reactions,
Part 6: Other options (5 marks)
Clearly describe at least two other less preferred options, and the rationale
behind not recommending them.