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Cheap Prison Labor in the Florida Department of Corrections: to manufacture products posing a conflict of interest between a capitalist society and the lives of marginalized people who are being deliberately sought out to fulfill corporate demands

This is a Policy Advocacy Memo developed and written as if you were a government administrator attempting to influence a more senior administrator or policy maker in state or local government in Florida with regard to the initiation of a NEW but, politically and policy realistic course of action for the government or the agency for which you were working. The memo will lay out the nature of the problem, provide extensive background analysis drawing from real data and actual policy information from relevant agencies, present 4 specific policy options to address the problem being discussed (including those individuals or groups likely to support or oppose each of the policy options), and finally advocate what appears to you to be the best possible solution to the problem.
This paper will have a one or two page executive summary at the beginning. The executive summary can not be written until the paper (full thought) is complete. The major focus of this assignment is a complete and comprehensive review of the nature of the problem and the current policies in place.