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Change Management Simulation: Power and Influence

Kindly view the attached file for assignment information, IMPORTANT INFORMATION: WHEN YOU OPEN THE ATTACHED FILE YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO WEEK 3 – ASSIGNMENT 1 PART ONLY. part 1 and part 2 has already been done and I will give you supporting documents and links which you have to use to write a paper week 3Please message me if you have any question or confusion. Thanks.This is the link for the simulation, it has 4 simulations where 2 were as you were the director of product innovation and 2 were as you are ceo and your job was to get the whole team on bard for your new idea. and in the simulation there were levers you can use like conduct private interviews, walk the talk and etc. and when you use it, it will shows its effect on the organization followoing is the link have completed all, if you have trouble with the links let me know. i also attaching scenerios i was mentioning above there are only 2 scenerios but you have to repeat both twice which makes it 4.